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Last Updated: June 29, 2022
Best Bagpipe Music Books

You can learn bagpipes with the help of a professional trainer fast.

If you do not want to spend more money on bagpipe training, you can use the best bagpipe music books to start your learning journey.

Most experts recommend using books at the start of your learning journey and taking a trainer at a later stage.

Best Bagpipe Music Books

You cannot play bagpipes perfectly by looking at the videos of people playing this musical instrument.

You can learn some theoretical aspects of playing bagpipes.

You can find some of the best books to enhance your knowledge about bagpipes on this list.

Best Bagpipe Music Books
Best Bagpipe Music Books

1. College of Piping Bagpipe and Practice Chanter Tutor Books

You will get a set of four books in this package with the practice chanter.

It is all in one package for most people trying to learn bagpipes.

You can learn to play with the help of this book at a beginner and medium level.

You will get a DVD with the package to view the book tutorials in video form.

The tutorial writer covers different aspects of playing bagpipes in one of four books. Y

ou can start with the level one book when you are a beginner.

You can go to the advanced-level books in this range later.

Customer Review: In the revised edition, photos are easy to understand.

2. Best Bagpipe Books: Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method

It is one of the few books on the market that teaches you the methods to buy bagpipes according to your needs.

You will get a detailed-instructional guide in the book and DVD to play different notes and melodies on the bagpipes.

It is an excellent guide that you can get at a low price.

It is also one of the most comprehensive guides on the market. You can learn from the DVD and the book at the same time.

Customer Review: The guide helps with the text and the videos. People with weak eyesight can also learn from it due to large-sized letters.

3. Simple Jigs for Beginner Pipers Bagpipe Book

You can play almost fifty bagpipe songs after learning from this book.

It is a book for absolute beginners.

You can get volume one from the series of books to get the easy songs to play on the bagpipes.

You do not need to find melodies on the internet because you will get them in the guide.

You will not get bored because there is something new to learn on every page of the book.

You may need glasses if you have weak eyesight due to small-sized letters.

Customer Review: It is excellent because the tunes are exactly as the author describes.

4. Bagpipe Tutor Book for the Great Highland Bagpipes

It is a comprehensive guidebook with sixty pages.

You may find this book in the hands of professional bagpipe tutors because it gives an excellent guide to teaching beginners.

Teachers prefer this book because the author has made it easy for the teachers to follow the guides in this book.

You can get this book for ten dollars.

The book uses proven techniques to teach bagpipes.

People have been using it for many years.

Customer Review: Great service from the seller. Good value for money.

5. How to Play Bagpipe for Method

You will get the tutorial book with songs to help you learn faster.

This guide also comes with a CD to assist your learning process.

This book is better for absolute beginners because it only has basic knowledge of bagpipes.

It does not have advanced playing knowledge and challenging songs.

You will get thirty songs in this book.

You can get this tutorial package for fifteen dollars.

It focuses on the bagpipe playing theory.

Customer Review: They delivered it faster than expected. It is the greatest cheap bagpipes learning book ever.

6. A Piper’s Book of Irish Tunes

You can get this book if you are a fan of Irish bagpipe tunes.

You will get almost a hundred Irish melodies to master.

Most people master at least half of these melodies to become proficient in Irish bagpipe playing.

You will not get bored after learning from this book because it has a hundred melodies.

You will also get a few Scottish tunes in the book.

Customer Review: They improved the page quality in the recent versions making it easy to read the melodies.

7. The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

You can read this book to learn about the history of bagpipes and how they work.

It is not the perfect book for learning bagpipes because it does not have a detailed process for learning bagpipe melodies.

You will have fun while reading this book because the book will give you mysteries to solve.

Girls of all ages can read this book to enjoy themselves.

Customer Review: An excellent book to read. Nancy solved a lot of mysteries.

8. The College of Piping Highland Bagpipe Tutor – Part 1

It is one of the most excellent bagpipes tutorial books because you can use the resources from the package to learn bagpipes from your phone or computer.

Most people think it is the best bagpipes learning book of these days.

There is no need to read the music to learn from this book.

It is fun to learn from this bagpipe book.

It does not teach you the basics of music reading, as you can play the bagpipes with the visual guide.

Customer Review: I love this book because it has an excellent reputation.

9. Bagpipes for Beginners: A Fast Track to Play the Great Highland Bagpipe

It is a perfect book to learn the bagpipes fast.

You will only get the book when you pay for the basic package.

You can pay more to get three CDs also.

You can master almost a hundred tunes fast when you buy the book and CD package.

It is one of the most comprehensive guides.

You can play some of the tunes from the highland games also.

Customer Review: Excellent teaching method. Much more practical approach to teaching bagpipes music.

10. The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book: A Step-by-Step Guide

All bagpipe learners need to have one copy of this book because they can learn a lot from this book’s techniques.

The most crucial aspect of this book is its source.

They follow the lessons from the Piping Center in Scotland.

This center was giving these lessons to people to enhance their bagpipes playing skills.

This book has no mistakes because all the lessons are from the master bagpipe players.

Most teachers recommend this book to their students.

Customer Review: It is the best book for learning bagpipes for beginners. The book is strong with coated pages.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bagpipe Music Books

There is no need to buy several best bagpipe music books because many of them have the same melodies.

It is better to select the book according to your level of expertise.

If you are a complete beginner, you can get the Simple Jigs For Beginner Pipers.

If you are looking for a book with a chanter to help you reach the advanced levels, you can get the College of Piping Bagpipe Book with a chanter.

The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book is more suitable for you when you want to learn the techniques of the masters.

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