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How Much Do Bagpipes Cost

How Much Do Bagpipes Cost?

Bagpipes are undoubtedly fascinating instruments.

Although the first bagpipes were created and played in Ancient Egypt, the instrument was eventually brought to Scotland and Ireland.

This has resulted in the birth of well-beloved Scottish and Irish bagpipes.

Due to their fascinating sound, it’s not surprising if you want to learn how to play one.

But, of course, you must acquire your bagpipe set to become a piper.

So, if you’re wondering how much do bagpipes cost, the prices will greatly depend on the materials used in creating them.

For instance, the minimum cost of a bagpipe is around $300.

On the other hand, a bagpipe’s maximum price is $7,000.

If you want to know further details about a bagpipe’s cost, read on to know more.

How Much Should You Spend on Bagpipe?

Now that you know how much bagpipes cost, it’s time to understand how much you should spend on one.

Expert bagpipe players suggest that you should have a budget price range of $900 to $2,000 for a bagpipe.

In this bagpipe price range, you should be able to find various bagpipes with excellent sound quality and used materials.

Of course, the price varies on the brand you’re purchasing from.

Naturally, reputed bagpipe brands will cost more, with their most affordable bagpipes costing at least $800.

If you’re already an expert player, you can check out their blackwood varieties that cost $1,200 at the minimum.

Meanwhile, you should start with a lower-priced bagpipe if you’re a newbie player.

Besides, you still need time to familiarize yourself with the musical instrument.

Furthermore, there’s also a likelihood that you might not like bagpipes as much after practicing with them.

With all of that said, many experts recommend looking into bagpipes with beginning prices of $300.

If you figure that you’d love to continue playing the said instrument after one to two weeks of practice, you can then invest in costlier, high-quality varieties.

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What Includes the Cost of a Full-Set Bagpipe?

The cost of a complete bagpipe set comprises several parts needed to utilize the instrument properly.

These involve the following primary components listed below.

  • Drones
  • Blowpipe
  • Pipe Chanter
  • Storage or carrier

Fortunately, many brands will sell full-set bagpipes that already have additional accessories and reeds.

Other bagpipe makers might even sell designated sets made for newbies.

For instance, full-set bagpipes for beginners will have all the necessary parts for learning this musical instrument.

Starter’s sets will primarily consist of the following items.

  • Complete read sets
  • Pipes
  • Cassette
  • Hard case storage
  • Beginner’s manual

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Do I Have to Deal with the Extra Costs?

Naturally, any type of musical instrument will have additional costs.

These additional costs are typically for the instrument’s needed accessories, which aren’t always part of the price you pay for the bagpipe.

In other circumstances, you will get just the bagpipe, so you’ll have to shell out extra money for the instrument’s accessories and additional parts.

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How Much Does a Bagpipe Kit Cost?

A bagpipe kit costs vary on the additional accessories you’d like to add to your bagpipe set.

Many would recommend getting a rosewood kit to make your bagpipe section easier to use.

Although most sellers offer rosewood kits for $60, some manufacturers will offer them in the $30 and $300 price range.

A mouthpiece designed for your chanter is another addition you should consider for your bagpipe kit.

Mouthpieces are great for protecting your teeth without limiting the air and pressure you place on the blow stick.

This part generally is sold for at least $6.

At most, costlier mouthpieces are priced at $20.

You can expect bagpipe kit prices to be around $36 to $320 if you’ll get both a rosewood kit and a designated mouthpiece for your bagpipe’s chanter.

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How Much Does a Beginner Set of Bagpipes Cost?

As stated above, minimum bagpipe prices for beginners start at $300.

Again, it’s much better if you don’t immediately splurge on a pricy bagpipe set if you’re just a newbie piper.

You should get a feel of the instrument before getting a high-end bagpipe set for professional use.

If you want to add more inclusions to your beginner set of bagpipes, you can spend on affordable extras that aren’t included in your beginner’s set.

For instance, an affordable rose kit starts at $30, while a wallet-friendly bagpipe mouthpiece costs around $6.

Overall, a beginner set of bagpipes will cost at least $336, including the extra parts previously mentioned.

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Should You Purchase Low-Quality Chanters?

It’s better to invest in high-quality chanters.

Although low-quality chanters will help you save up on extra costs, you wouldn’t get the finely created “countersunk” holes usually found in high-quality types.

Countersunk holes are quicker to locate than standard ones and can make your practice lessons a lot easier.

Superior chanters are priced somewhere in the middle of $10 to $20.

If you’re a starter piper, you should invest in a high-caliber practice chanter sold within the $25 and $75 price ranges.

With an excellent practice chanter, you should have a better time getting accustomed to your bagpipe.

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Bagpipe Bag?

If you simply need a bagpipe bag to store your bagpipe and its parts after use safely, a standard price bag will be more than enough.

Beginning prices of standard bagpipe bags range between $70 and $80.

Some are priced at $100 and will already do a great job protecting your instrument from any damages.

On the other hand, if you’ll be traveling a lot with your bagpipe, you should spend on top-quality bagpipe bags that will better protect your instrument.

These bagpipe bags usually have a $300 and $500 price range.

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Is There Any Way You Can Save Money?

A bagpipe is one of the pricier musical instruments.

If you have a limited budget for this instrument, you can always resort to valuable means.

For example, you can find bagpipe shops that sell the bagpipe instrument alone.

That way, you don’t have to splurge on the whole set and find affordable alternatives for your bagpipe’s parts and accessories.

Don’t worry, because you can always find budget-friendly but well-made accessories and bagpipe parts.

In addition, if you’re looking up a bagpipe and its parts online, you can also search for valuable discounts and promos to lower your total expenses.

Before Buying a Bagpipe, Consider These 6 Tips to Assess the Bagpipe’s Cost

Aside from finding out how much do bagpipes cost, you should also consider other factors to evaluate a bagpipe’s overall cost.

So, before you buy one, here are six tips that will help you evaluate your bagpipe’s overall cost.

  1. Take bagpipe lessons to become familiar with the bagpipes first. It will also help you see if it’s an instrument you can enjoy learning in the long run.
  2. Consider your current bagpipe playing skills to find the most suitable bagpipe set for your skillset.
  3. Decide if learning how to play the bagpipe is simply your hobby or if you’ll turn it into a professional career.
  4. Aside from considering your skills, make sure to evaluate your overall budget for your preferred bagpipe as well.
  5. Determine if you’re prepared to shoulder the extra costs for your bagpipe and its corresponding parts and accessories.
  6. Find out if you need to get a better casing for your bagpipe, especially if you’ll take it a lot with you during your travels.

Should You Get a Used or a New One?

If you don’t have a limited budget, you’re free to get a brand new bagpipe.

Besides, a new bagpipe also ensures that you don’t have to deal with any damages that might come with a used bagpipe.

But that doesn’t mean that all used bagpipes are not good.

After all, you can always get a used but well-maintained bagpipe if your budget doesn’t permit you to get a brand new bagpipe.

It’s also a great way to obtain a luxury bagpipe without spending much money since most owners would sell their used bagpipes for lower prices.

Just make sure to confirm that the used bagpipe you’ll purchase doesn’t come with any damages.

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Why Should You Never Buy a Cheap Bagpipe?

A cheap bagpipe might sound like a great way to secure a bagpipe through affordable means.

However, you will end up with a bagpipe with terrible tone quality.

Furthermore, a cheap bagpipe’s structure may also not be as well-made, so you might also have to blow more air into it as you play it.

Overall, you will have a more difficult time learning to play the bagpipe with a cheap variety.

Again, if you have a limited budget, you can always purchase secondhand models as a wonderful alternative.

Is It Hard to Play the Bagpipes?

Any musical instrument will be difficult to play at first.

However, it is worth noting that bagpipes are more challenging to play than other musical instruments.

After all, you will need to hit the correct notes as you blow into the bagpipe and squeeze it as required.

Furthermore, you will have to do all of those while maintaining the required airflow in your bagpipe.

On average, it will take you around six to twelve months to master basic songs.

On the other hand, it will take two or more years to play difficult songs.

Are Bagpipes Illegal?

No, bagpipes are no longer illegal in Scotland.

However, in the past, bagpipes served as war instruments that aided in inspiring the Scotlanders as they charged into a fight.

Because of that, bagpipes were categorized as war instruments; hence carrying one in such times resulted in a penal offense.

This penal offense was part of the Act of Parliament implemented in 1746.

In 1785, the Act was nullified. Eventually, the British Empire introduced bagpipes globally, making this instrument famous.

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