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Last Updated: February 3, 2023
How to Clean Bagpipes Guide

It is vital to keep your bagpipes clean and sanitary because it will keep you healthy, and your bagpipes will last longer. We have compiled a guide to keeping your bagpipes clean the right way. You should read the entire guide if you want to learn how to clean bagpipes.

  • How to clean the blowpipe and mouthpiece
  • How to clean the drones of the bagpipes
  • How to clean the airbags of the bagpipes
  • How to clean bagpipes chanter
  • How to polish bagpipes
  • All the supplies you will need for cleaning the bagpipes

How Do You Clean a Mouthpiece and Blowpipe?

Cleaning the mouthpiece is the most crucial part of the cleaning process because it can accumulate bacteria.

You can get sick if you do not clean it often.

Most pipers clean the bagpipe mouthpiece more often than clean the other parts.

A blowpipe is attached to the bagpipe mouthpiece.

You can clean both of them one time.

You may feel the process is long because you must clean two pieces.

Here are the cleaning steps.

  1. Start by removing the mouthpiece from the blowpipe.
  2. You can place it in the hydrogen peroxide in a container.
  3. Some people keep more than one mouthpiece. You can put all of them in the hydrogen peroxide at the same time.
  4. You can place them overnight because they will disinfect completely in a long time.
  5. It is better to separate the moose valve from the blowpipe.
  6. You can separate all the moose value parts to clean them separately.
  7. If you want to clean the blowpipe without harming it, you can use the cotton with a cleaning solution.
  8. You can use different ways to clean and sanitize the blowpipe. Spraying a cleaning solution is a nice way to do it.
  9. You can keep it in the air for some time to let it dry before you fix the parts together.

It is better to clean the mouthpiece and the blowpipe once you have finished a long show.

You can clean it once a week if you play the bagpipes often.

Some people clean it once a month when they do not play it often.

How Do You Clean Bagpipe Drones?

Most people neglect drones when they are cleaning the bagpipe.

You need to clean the inner and outer sides of the bagpipe drones.

You can use the same method to clean the drone’s outer surface that you used for polishing.

The process for cleaning the inner part of the drones is different.

It is also a complicated process because drones have many parts.

  1. You can start by removing drones from the airbag.
  2. It is better to remove the parts in a sequence and arrange them in a line. It will help you place them back in the same order.
  3. You can encircle the cotton on a rod and put some oil on it.
  4. You can pass this rode from the inner surface of the pipes. It will put oil on the inner surface.
  5. It is better to ensure that all the inner surface has sufficient oil using a good light source.
  6. It is essential to remove the moisture. Air drying is the best way to remove it.
  7. You can also wipe out the outer surface before you polish it.

You need to protect the drones from moisture as it can damage the wood.

You need to do this process often to avoid moisture accumulation.

How Do You Clean a Bagpipe Airbag?

The airbag is an essential part of the bagpipes.

Saliva and moisture can accumulate in the bag because air comes from the mouth to the airbag.

You need to keep it clean and dry to enhance its durability.

If the bag is made of natural material, you need to care for it more as bacteria can damage the bagpipe bag.

  1. The first step is the removal of all pipes from the bagpipe.
  2. You can remove the cag covering after that.
  3. You need to reach the inside of the bag by turning it inside out.
  4. It is better to use the alcohol spray on the inner surface to clean it.
  5. You need to cover the stocks and the outer surface with the spray. Plastic stocks can handle it with ease.
  6. You should not apply the alcohol if the stocks are made of plastic.
  7. Using alcohol is better because it will dry within a few minutes.

You should not put too much alcohol in the bagpipe bag because it will take more time to dry the alcohol.

You need to learn how to clean bagpipes before using alcohol. If there is more dust in the bag, you can dry it using a microfiber cloth.

How Do You Clean a Bagpipe Chanter?

You can clean the chanter to keep the bagpipes in tone.

It is also crucial to clean this part regularly to improve the bagpipe chanter’s durability.

You can follow these steps for cleaning.

  1. You need a flat surface to ensure you do not lose any parts. It is easier to work on flat surfaces.
  2. You can remove the tape from the bagpipe’s surface.
  3. It is better to clean the surface from adhesives using mineral oil and the chanter.
  4. You can do the final surface cleaning with the cleaning solution.
  5. Removing the debris from the inside of the chanter is crucial. You can clean it by running a cloth back and forth.
  6. You can clean the chanter holes with the same cleaning cloth.
  7. You can also install a new reed if the bagpipes do not sound perfect.

How Do You Polish Bagpipes?

Most bagpipes consist of varnished and unvarnished wood.

Polishing the bagpipes will enhance the pipe’s durability.

You can improve the looks of your bagpipes.

Experts never play the bagpipes that look dirty.

Polishing will also add shine to the instrument.

You can follow these seven steps to finish the polishing process.

  1. You can find a flat area to place the bagpipe parts.
  2. You can separate the bagpipe parts and place them on a flat surface.
  3. You will not lose any pieces when you have a large flat surface.
  4. It is better to arrange all the wood pieces in one place. It will help you pick the unpolished parts.
  5. You can use your finger to pick some beeswax and place it on the wood surface.
  6. Checking all the surfaces is essential to ensure that no parts are left. You need to cover the entire surface of the wood.
  7. You can finish the process by removing all the wax from the wood surface. It will give you a clean finish.
  8. If you put a final oil layer on the wood, the wax will stay longer on the surface.

What Supplies Do You Need to Clean Your Bagpipes?

It is better to arrange all the supplies that you need to clean your bagpipes before you start the cleaning process.

We have compiled a list of cleaning supplies to help you clean the bagpipes properly.

  • Bagpipe cleaning brush made of cloths – You should get these brushes in different sizes. It will help you clean the chanter, drones, and blowpipes.
  • IPA – It is also known as isopropyl alcohol. You need alcohol with a high concentration for quick drying.
  • Microfiber cloth – It will help you remove the small dust particles.
  • Brushes made of nylon – It is the perfect brush for cleaning small plastic tubes. You should not use it on the wood pipes because it will make scratches on the wood surface.
  • Oils – You need to keep mineral oil, bore oil, and wood oil. You can use them for different parts of the bagpipes.
  • Rod for gun cleaning – The rode will help you put oil inside the wood pipes.
  • Spraying bottles – You can use it to spray the alcohol inside the bag.
  • Detergent – It is suitable for cleaning synthetic materials.
  • Solution for bagpipe cleaning – You can get the commercial cleaning solution for the bagpipes. It will make the process easy.
  • Patches made of cotton – You can oil the inner pipe surface with these cotton patches.

How to Clean Your Bagpipe the Right Way?

You can use your bagpipes for a long time when you clean them every month.

It is hard to clean the bagpipes when you do not know the right way. It is better to arrange all the supplies and tools before you start the cleaning process.

You need to dry the bagpipes after the cleaning because it can weaken the wood.

If you clean them and use a polish, the bagpipes will look new.

How to Store Your Bagpipe the Right Way?

Air should remove all the moisture from the bagpipes.

You can fix all the pieces together after learning how to clean bagpipes.

It is better to check all the bagpipe pieces before you join them in the bag.

You need to keep a suitable temperature and moisture level when storing the bagpipes because intense dryness and high moisture level will damage the bagpipe’s wood.

To Summarize How to Clean Your Bagpipes the Right Way

We will give you some suggestions to maintain the durability of your bagpipes.

You should follow all these suggestions when you play the bagpipes.

  • Remove the water trap after you finish playing.
  • You should dry the bag if it has an opening option.
  • You can clean your bag with a detergent if it consists of durable material.
  • Cleaning the bagpipes dressing is also crucial.
  • You should not use any part that has mold.
  • You can clean mouthpieces more often because they can accumulate bacteria.

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